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BRIDAL: All BEAUTY things you need to know to get ready for your special day

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

It can be overwhelming to think of all the things you need to do when planning your beauty look for your wedding day.

But it can also be lots fun to look after yourself more on the lead up to it and with this guide and tips will be easier for you to be on top of your game!


No just the days before your wedding, always!!

If you think already you don't drink enough water, start now, it's never too late!

Carrying a big bottle always with your throughout the day, will encourage you to get the amount you need! Especially in stressful times water will hydrate you, expelling toxins, giving you a nice skin and a better mental clarity.

As long as you don't have hormonal or specific skin issues you can look after your skin and the whole body with clean nutrition and water.

A hydrated skin is fundamental for a flawless makeup application. I can use the best products but can't fix dryness on the spot. If the canvas haven't been looked after it will required more time for the makeup artist to prepare and correct the skin and the photographer to retouch and so... more money!

Also, if you like airbrush technique to finish off the look, it's even more important to present yourself with hydrated skin so that the makeup doesn't grip on dry areas.


Don't start a new skin regime only a few weeks before your wedding.

Most of the time new products, peelings, retinoids, anything that you are not use to, might cause irritation, breakouts, redness and dryness.

Talk with your skin specialist at least 6 months before your wedding if you wish to improve the look of your skin so they can suggest the best skin plan for you.

Botox usually settles in 2/3 weeks and fades out after about 3 months.

I suggest to do it 1.5 months before your special day so you have the time to go back to fix any imbalance. Same for cosmetic injections. Talk with your specialist on what's the best time for you to do it, to allow swelling to go down and area to heal.

*This are general tips from makeup artist prospective and experience, you should consult a skin specialist if you have skin concerns that require a different and specific approach


I highly recommend to go and get a professional spray tan!

We know how to apply specifically to your body shape, skin tones and the problem areas like knees, elbows, feet, the after care.

It is only for one day, you don't want to mess it up with a self-tan product that might look grey and patchy or transfer on your dress!

Book a trial to see if you are happy with the result and to have time to adjust if needed to reach the right outcome. You can also do this on makeup trial day if you wish!

You want to do your final spray tan 2 days before wedding day to give the right time to develop and to implement the proper after care so you have a flawless, glowing, natural tan on your special day


Ever thought of that??

You will be all smiles on your special day and what's best if not white teeth!

If you have natural white teeth a whitening product applied a few times before the special day could be enough ( I am using Hismile colour corrector purple toothpaste!)

Or why not get a dental cleaning just before your big day. There are also some mobile companies out there that can come straight to you!

*Hot tip....

Did you know red lipstick makes teeth whiter?


Choose something that looks great on you but that also, you feel comfortable with to wear all day. For example, I had brides that get headache easily if they have their hair up styled for too long...something to think about.

Plan color and cut well ahead with your hairdresser and allow time to go back for touch up closer to the day if needed.

If you have a trial with me wash your hair the morning before your appointment and just blow dry it straight, no strengthener or products on it.


And now, yes makeup, my expertise!


This is the chance to meet and connect with your makeup artist, tell her what you like, what you want or not, feel free to share your opinion and preferences.

It's also completely ok to say.... "I don't know what I want!" I got you!

We will sit down and we will design together a style that represents you, your personality.

A look that makes you feel comfortable and confident!

Makeup artist and Lancôme UK Makeup Artist Ambassador Alex Babsky says, "I believe that the best bridal make-up is simply the most exquisitely polished version of how the bride usually looks. After all, you want to look beautiful rather than your make-up."

The foundation color might change once you have your spray tan done on the day, one of the reasons why you need a professional artist to match the tone at perfection!

*Hot tips...

*Sometimes it's better to come alone to your trial... you decide what's good for you ;-)

*You can wear a T-shirt in a similar color to your wedding dress

*You can bring reference pics


In the weeks leading to trial you want to follow the same instruction to prepare to your wedding day.

It's a replication of how it would be on your special day so you want to have your skin at its best.

* Hydration is the key:

- Drink lots of water and eat clean

* Create a good skin regime ritual:

- Wear SPF 50+ every morning (make sure you choose one that its is not greasy or

shiny. I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer and I heard La Roshe Posay is good and have

different option based on skin type )

- Gentle exfoliating and hydrating mask once a week

(Don't do this right on the day before trial or wedding tho)

- Do not pick pimples!

* Shape your brows so they are clean and shaped/tint. Enquire now so i can advice you on the best solution for you!


Waterproof and long lasting everything!

On the day happy tears are almost inevitable, waterproof products, including foundation will avoid to smudge or streak. Some weddings go from day to night so professional makeup will allow the makeup to not move and look like just done after all day wearing!

Season is a factor to take in consideration as well. In summer is easier to sweat, produce oil and get hot (Even if Brides feels hot on their wedding day no matter the season...!) so you wish to achieve a more matte look instead of glossy that will look sweaty in pics ( We want glowy not shiny!). In colder season might be easier to get dry skin.

I will use products in accordance to these factors and your skin type.


Long lasting, waterproof and ready for camera DO NOT mean CAKE! We can achieve coverage and all that without feeling and looking heavy or unnatural ;-)


Lashes open up your eyes and especially in camera, I think it's a must!

I personally like to use trio individual lashes as supposed to strip lashes

You will not feeling them on at all, they can be positioned where we want to give volume, length and shape with a natural effect.

Also perfect if you have sensitive eyes, the glue amount is very very small and will not affect you at all!


Have a few items on hand or get your bestie to carry it for you ;-)

I will make a goodie bag for you with essentials like lipstick, lip brush, cotton swabs, wipes, translucent powder...


Fluent communication is vital for things to run smoothly.

Be clear with everyone (makeup artist, hairdresser, photographer..) about the time frames, making sure every artist allows the right time to do their job.

You can reach out to me in the months leading up the wedding if you wish to adjust something, I am here for you!


At the end of the day don't forget I T I S Y O U R D A Y , no anyone else!

Do the things that make you happy, that reflects who you and your partner are, your love. Dance, laugh, cry, surround yourself with support.. have the best time because this day will be one of the best memories forever!

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